DSO Productions presents – ‘The Hidden Truth’ (review)

Hey guys,

I know this blog post is quite different from the sort of thing that I usually write about . However, I feel like this short film called ‘The Hidden Truth’ is something that everyone should take time out of their day to watch. It is a short film by DSO Productions about the true problems that come with mental health in families.

The film explores the life of the main protagonist Eliza, whose mother suffers with mental health. Eliza is a student but is also her mother’s full time carer. Eliza’s secret threatens to ruin her friendships, as her friends begin to notice a change in Eliza. When Eliza reaches her breaking point of not being able to deal with her secret anymore, she realises that help is nearer than she thinks. Essentially, the main message focused on in the film, is that it’s okay to ask for help, regardless of the situation.

Although short, the film does really emphasises how society overlooks mental health within families and the struggles. It displays how it’s not only the sufferer who faces difficulties but also those around him/her. Upon reflection, it just reminds me to always check up on those around me because I never know what they’re dealing with in their personal lives.

This short film was carefully written and wonderfully acted. The Hidden Truth is definitely a must see! Also, just remember that even when you think nobody is here to listen or help, it is important to always speak out.

Link below 👇🏾


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