YOU are more than enough…

I know that August has only just started, but with the rate that this year is flying by, September will be here before you know it. To be fair, I love September, even though it officially means that Summer is over (what is Summer anyways in this country?) September is just the month of new beginnings, from starting college, university, grad school, new jobs!  Before I begin, I would just like to say on a side note that , I am so proud of you young kings & queens progressing in life, taking the next steps to further yourself. You have reached it this far & the sky’s your limit.

However, with new beginnings, there are a few dangers that people could  fall victim of.  I know that with being in a new environment, it can sometimes be overwhelming. The whole being around new people, new scenery, new levels (whether it be in education or in a working environment)- it can make you feel like a small fish in a big pond. I guess it’s the part of life that they never really warn you about.

Well, kudos to you! You have made it this far. You have made it this far by simply being yourself (and working your socks off).  But just by being authentically YOU. The fact that you have made it this far (by being yourself), I really don’t want you to feel pressured to change yourself just to fit in.  With maturity, natural change and growth is to expected. You will not be the same person that you were two years ago. The type of change that I am warning against is, when people decide that they are suddenly not good enough and they would be much better pretending to be somebody else. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? I am really not trying to belittle you as a person if you’ve ever thought like that, but don’t change yourself for the sake of what others will think about you. You are worth so much more than that.

YOU are more than enough. Yes, I’m talking to you! You are uniquely beautiful. I won’t stop repeating myself until you start to believe it. That thing that you feel that you need to change, that very thing that you are so embarrassed about, is the thing that makes you different from everybody else. It is the thing that makes you unique. Be proud of who you are, be proud of where you came from and be proud of where you are going. God makes no mistakes at all. By this, I mean that God did not make you imperfect, to Him you are perfect and once you see that- you will only flourish.

I’ve heard  multiple stories & have seen situations of where people get to uni and suddenly create a different persona from the person that they were back at home. This whole ‘being a somebody at uni and nobody in ends’ is funny, because people can see straight through you. I know it isn’t just me who knows when someone is not being genuine. I would say that the worst thing about pretending to be something else is that when  summer comes around, the same people will have to go back home and go back to being that person that they tried so hard to reject. There is no point wasting time in false pretence. Honestly, just allow yourself to blossom into that young man or blossom into that young woman that you were supposed to be.

I know I’m seriously digressing here but this is the final point before I leave, a lot of people measure their self worth through  materialistic items. This being in the form of shoes, clothes, cars, even hair and make up too. I know looking good gives you that feel good factor- I can raise my hands up to that also! I love to look good, but I look good within my means. I know that there is a danger in letting pressure from social media or even just your friends get to you. I am not completely immune to this pressure, sometimes even I will just be preeing my explore page on Instagram and I think ‘wow, I wish I had this’.  There are some people who can afford to live this lifestyle, without having to break a sweat.  BUT if you literally have to break an arm & leg just to afford these items- then I’m certain that it is not worth it.

At this stage of your life, the main focus should just be building yourself up for the future and  living life to the fullest. No one is actually going to knock you down for not being accomplished at the age of 20. If anyone tries to, then I’m sorry, those are not the type of people you should be surrounding yourself with. Even if anyone does try to knock you down, you should be confident enough in yourself to know that ‘I may not have it now, but in the future I will’.  Focus on what you need to right now such as your education, your career, savings and eventually your goals will fall into place. Do not restrict yourself in the slightest.

Just be yourself-  because not only is everybody else taken but because YOU are more than enough!

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